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Olga Flores - Owner/Founder

Olga has run a successful luxury salon for years focusing on excellent customer service. Over the past few years she's struggled with injuries that have kept her from her lifelong love with fitness. During that time she began using Himalayan Salt lamps in her home first to help her daughter deal with general anxiety disorder, then to ease her own symptoms from migraines, then to help her husband's sleep disorders. After falling in love with yoga while using it to help her recover from injuries, she came upon the idea to combine the two! Breathe Salt Yoga and salt therapy provide the perfect mix of inner and outer health and Olga is proud to share the benefits with the Bay Area.

Jodi McLean - Yoga Instructor

Jodi McLean is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance 200 - RYT and the Davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Academy.  She is a former classical ballet dancer with over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and Pilates experience to her name. Jodi grew up in Salt Lake City dancing for the University of Utah School of Dance and Ballet West, and spent many of her post-graduate years as an endurance road cyclist and avid powder skier in the Wasatch Mountains.

Jodi lives what she teaches and devotes five days a week to her own yoga and meditation practice. In her spare time you might find her prowling the local farmer’s markets for obscure root vegetables, perched in front of a potter’s wheel with a fresh lump of clay, or leading a women’s cyclocross ride deep into the Marin Headlands.

Anne Martin - Yoga Instructor

Anne Martin is an inspiring, intuitive Yoga teacher specializing in alignment-based Vinyasa flow.

An advocate of both exploration and safety, she fosters a balance between challenge and self-
care while guiding students through thoughtful, fresh sequences honoring yoga’s traditional

fundamentals of steadiness and ease.
Approachable and empathic, Anne adeptly motivates and affirms beginners while consistently
raising the barre for experienced students. Her decades-long communications career informs
her clear cueing, inspired demonstrating and attentive listening. She earned her RYT-500
certification from Yoga Tree San Francisco.

Patsy Leung - Yoga Instructor

Patsy is 500hr+ certified and has been teaching six years. She leads a heartfelt class with fluid transitions, breathing, and modifications. She encourages a practice that builds strength and flexibility in the body as well as the mind.

200hr YogaWorks YTT with Nikki Estrada
27hr YTT It's Yoga Kids with Michelle Lee
300hr YTT with Jason Crandell
45hr YTT Fit Flow Yoga with Briohny Smyth & Dice IIda-Klein (Advanced Training & Workshop Immersion) 
15hr YTT CorePower Yoga with Ryan Loren 
5hr Connected Warriors (PTSD) training with Kelly Scanlon

Marie Murphy - Yoga Instructor

Marie Murphy teaches yoga classes that give students the opportunity to recognize the infinite capacity for physical, spiritual, and emotional change that lies within them… and the opportunity to claim the joy that comes with these discoveries.  Marie started teaching yoga in San Diego in 2009, and has taught public, private, and corporate classes in San Francisco since 2011. She enjoys working with students of all levels, and especially loves working with students who are new to yoga or are working through injuries or other physical challenges.  Marie’s belief in humans’ limitless capacity for transformation informs her approach to teaching yoga, and her work as a life coach. Her website is: www.mariemurphyphd.com

Aimee O'Gara - Yoga Instructor

Aimee began practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but became hooked when she started to notice the mental and spiritual benefits the practice had on her. In 2016, she completed her 200 hour teacher training at a studio in South Florida where she resided at the time. Today, she hopes to share what she learned on the east coast to add to the beautifully diversified yoga scene that exists here in the Bay Area.

Clara Tang - Yoga Instructor

Clara’s classes are grounded in the conscious practice of awareness, alignment and balance. Her calm and accessible teaching style allows students to develop a strong foundation for a safe and stable practice for yogis of all ages. In her class, Clara will guide you to notice subtleties in the body and harmonize it with the practice of the mind, breath, and spirit for a whole body practice.

Clara has been a yoga practitioner since 2008 and completed the Advanced Studies Program 200-hr YTT at Downtown Yoga in the Bay Area in 2011. Classes are inspired by local instructors Jason Crandall and Sean Haleen and revered yogi B.K.S. Iyengar

Ana Castellon - Yoga Instructor

Ana Castellón is a genuine, caring, and passionate Yoga Therapist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her mission is to open hearts and improve the well-being of Individuals she is blessed to practice with. Ana practices the medicine of yoga regularly for her own continued growth and mindfully offers a unique prescription for the mind, body and spirit. When you take Ana’s class you will be rewarded. The class is a warm combination of intuition, respect, partnership, community, grounding, breath, sound, guided touch and authentic movement that increases strength, flexibility, and induces a state of relaxation and balanced energy that includes hatha, vinyasa. Ana rhythmically explores the asanas with the practitioners so they can experience the energizing and meditative flow of the vinyasa breath and movements. The gifts that you will unwrap on the yoga mat with Ana will expand your heart to achieve a greater purpose beyond the self. 

Giulia Defant - Yoga Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor at the 500 hour level
Giulia began her yoga practice as way to reconnect with her body and mind. She felt she had found a health routine she could truly make her own and soon discovered so could anyone else. Yoga helped her regain her strength and confidence by cultivating compassion, creating a safe space of expression, and facilitating the conversation between the brain and the body into a working relationship. She was inspired to become a teacher to learn more about the philosophical system of yoga beyond the physical benefits. In January of 2017 she embarked on a journey to India and Nepal where she became a 500-hours registered yoga teacher under the guide of Yogi Chentan Mahesh. In May of 2018 she also became a trauma-informed certifyed yoga instructor through ‘Exhale to Inhale’ NYC. Since then she has been teaching in various settings, from her local yoga studio, to her university staff and student, and to homeless shelters.
Giulia also recently graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris and it’s currently working as a mental health counselor.

Krystle Sarkissian - Yoga Instructor

With a B.S. degree in Biology, Krystle has always been fascinated by science and the body’s capability to adapt to its surroundings.  In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded by various stressors in life. Krystle believes yoga and mindfulness are powerful tools which can be used to discover your inner strength both mentally and physically.

     Krystle is a registered 500-hour teacher with a passion for the outdoors. She often combines yoga with hiking and is certified to teach Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga.  Having worked in corporate and with startups, she understands the challenges of juggling an ambitious career with a balanced lifestyle. 

     Thankfully yoga has been her stress-relief outlet since high school and now she’s committed to setting others up for success through yoga and mindfulness, so they can thrive in life!

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